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Are you an experienced professional in design, technology and engineering. We provide you access to unique opportunities that can land you in your next dream job, and project.

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We, Technologists are driven by the idea of making a lasting impact. We are the rare species who are always up for learning, unlearning, challenging each-other, collaborating, and solving real world problems, creating magnitudes of positive impact.

Quickfox understands that your goals and aspirations are personal. At first, we will sit down with you to understand your short-term, and long-term career goals. We may also need to meet multiple times because we want to make sure that we fully understand you. Then, we will assess your technical and soft skills. This will further help us understand where you stand today. Finally, once we feel that we can really help achieve your goals, we will formally welcome you into our Exclusive Talent Club.

Be assured that the information discussed with us will remain completely confidential and will be shared with potential employers only after your permission.

Why Engage in Quickfox Talent Club?

We have access to interesting opportunities that we believe can help you get closer to your long term career and personal goals.

1. High Paying Job

You will get access to high paying job opportunities, 50% above standard market offer. Your growth and happiness is our only priority. So, we will try our best to find the most suitable offer for you.

2. Desired Engagement

You will get access to opportunities that fit your criteria e.g. role, technology, industry, company culture, contract type (permanent or contract), mode (remote or onsite), working schedules etc.

3. Career Development

You will get help with professional resume writing and interview preparation. You will have access to our exclusive member only events. We can also help you find seasoned mentors who can best guide you in your career path.

Membership Process

  • We are a highly select talent network. We have built rigor in our membership process. This will help engage high-quality top professionals that will eventually lead to attracting best opportunities locally and abroad. 

Eligibility Criteria

1. 7+ years of working experience.

2. Tech Skills – Web, Mobile, AI/ML, Big-Data, UIUX, QA, Product Management, Project Management, or DevOps.

3. Soft Skills – Good communication skills, detail-oriented, analytical, team-player, positive-attitude, and hard-working.

Selection Process

 1. Understand your career goals 

 2. Technical assessment

 3. If selected, be a part of Quickfox Exclusive Talent Club.

Want to join our network? Reach out to me.

Richan Shrestha

Co-Founder/Managing Partner


Mobile: +977 9801122908


I look forward to meeting you soon. Please message me in LinkedIn for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. You don’t. Once you are selected through the process, you will be our lifelong club member.

No. We cannot say how long it can take to find your next project. It will depend on client’s requirement, your availability and working terms. We will continuously introduce you to  opportunities which we hope will eventually materialize.

The opportunity can come in many forms. Some clients (local/abroad) may want to hire you as their regular employee, some may want to hire you full-time but in-contract mode, and some opportunities may be a triangular agreement between you, client and Quickfox. Our job is to find something that works best for you.

Yes. We can also help find part-time engagement as long as you are not already full-time engaged with an employer.

Absolutely. We totally understand about the sensitivity of your person data and intent. Without your consent, we will not share about you and your interests to anyone. Strict confidentiality will be maintained.

If you fulfill the basic minimum requirement, you can contact Mr. Richan Shrestha (Co-founder/Managing Partner) of Quickfox Consulting. The best way to contact him is in LinkedIn or call him directly on phone +977 9801122908.

We want to help you transform your business.

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