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Build the web apps of tomorrow that seamlessly blend into native app-like design and interface.

Fast, Engaging and Reliable

In a world where over 60% of traffic is generated by mobile devices, progressive web apps are a quick-win solution to reach and engage the rapidly growing number of mobile users by providing a top-notch user experience. 

Here at Quickfox Consulting, we develop PWA apps that are fast, secure and deliver delightful user experiences, leading to significant conversions. We integrate unique features such as offline browsing, push notification, data analysis and easy distribution channels into web apps. Now your users can enjoy a glitch-free and consistent experience even in poor network quality, thanks to the benefits of progressive web apps.

The Progressive Web App Advantages

Progressive Web Apps are a new standard introduced by Google and strongly promoted by all major players like Microsoft and Apple. It combines the best features offered by modern browsers with the benefits of native mobile applications, leading to a significant increase in revenue. You can create mobile web applications with PWA. Some distinctive advantages for Google PWAs are described below:

Offline Mode

Like mobile apps, PWA apps are accessible when there is no internet connection, thus increasing the engagement and availability greatly. With an offline mode any information can be saved automatically during the last online access. The offline page can be completed with a brand logo, some information and there even can be some advanced features.

Improved performance

Progressive web apps are significantly faster due to the way the underlying technology caches and serves text, stylesheets, images and other content on the websites. As a result, user conversation, experience and retention rates benefit from the improved performance.

Zero install

Compared to mobile applications, when users install PWA’s, there are no long download times, and visitors are not routed through Google Play or the App Store, but directly download the app onto their device. This means that the progressive web app gets its own icon on phones and tablets, just like a mobile application, but without the need to go through the sometimes tedious and slow App Store submission process.

App-like way

Designed like mobile apps while still having the full functionality of websites with dynamic data and database access. In general, every developer chooses how extensively to program progressive web apps, by most of them take full advantage of existing frameworks and conventional theory on how mobile apps provide superior user experiences compared to websites.

Home Screen Accessibility

Progressive mobile app can also be on the home screen, increasing user engagement. With push notification, a progressive web app is nearly indiscernible, engaging to the users as native apps.

No app store submission

Progressive web apps don’t need to be published in Google Play, Windows Phone Apps or Apple’s App Store. Less time-consuming actions. Also, developers can push new updates without waiting for approvals, allowing for regular updates on a level not currently possible with traditional mobile apps. All the updates will be automatically downloaded and updated when users relaunch the app.

What if you could give users a deeply engaging experience the minute they land into your website?

Our PWA Development Process


From understanding your concept to doing the market analysis to requirement gathering, we dig through everything in our kickoff meeting. This is when project goals, expectations for success, preliminary requirements are discussed and key stakeholders are identified.

Step 1


Next, we will perform the in-depth analysis of your business requirement through interviews, questionnaires, meetings, workshops, role-playing and rapid prototyping.

Step 2


From sketching low fidelity wireframes to visualizing high-fidelity manifestations, we apply human-centered design based on the UI/UX designs to design your PWA app that delights users and hooks them.

Step 3


A team of PWA developers will code the frontend and backend, inline with the final approved UI/UX design. We follow Agile Scrum methodology to enable continuous integration and delivery process.

Step 4

Testing & UAT

Test cases are executed for all use case scenarios. Once all the bugs are fixed, the sprint demo is provided to the client and is sent for clients’ approval.

Step 5


Test cases are executed for all use case scenarios. Once all the bugs are fixed, the sprint demo is provided to the client and is sent for clients’ approval.

Step 6

Engagement Models

Our goal is to present the best-in-class team engagement model that aligns with your Progressive web application requirements. We aim to bring efficiency and long-lasting value.

If your project’s scope, specifications, and requirements are not defined specifically, you can hire our progressive web app developers in T&M based model.

If your project scope is clear and you need complete control on your app priorities, opt for dedicated team hiring. Flexibility is all yours.

If your project scope is defined, you can go for a fixed pricing model. As you send your requirements, we will create a time break up with our proposal based on the features.


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