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Delivering deep insights, game-changing ideas, and revolutionary digital strategies

Our Mission

Enable startups and progressive businesses to transform, scale and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software.

Digital Consulting done differently

At Quickfox Consulting, every one of our engagements is viewed as a partnership requiring a strong foundation from the very start. We seek to understand first, so your challenges become our challenges and, in turn, opportunities for resolution. We keep execution in perspective while helping you create strategies and design solutions. We think about sustainable solutions that fit your needs. We work with you to create the clear path to success. We continue to listen to you and your team, but objectively challenge the priorities and identify risks.

Predictable - Measurable - Agile

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Responding to change over following a plan.

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Best Team

We are deeply connected in the tech ecosystem of Nepal and have a strategic alliance with top independent consultants and boutique IT firms. We leverage our ecosystem of partners, independent consultants and in-house experts to create the best cross-functional team for your digital project.

Tailored Solution

No cookie cutter solutions. We want to bring a lasting, positive impact to your organization. To do so, we tailor our approach to your needs, standards and industry best practices. Co-creating real value, in a flexible fit-for-purpose model.

Lean Resource Model

We only focus on doing our best work for you. There is no army of consultants coming in, we have low overheads – but work and deliver still outcome based. We guarantee to get you top talent and teams to help you achieve your every digital goal.

Meet Our Team

Managing Partner

Richan Shrestha

15+ Years of Experience
Startups, Product, and Global Delivery Ops
Managing Partner

Pallav Parajulee

12+ Years of Experience
Strategy, Finance, Pharma and Supply Chain

Bala Bhadra Maharjan

10+ Years of Experience

Technology, Global Delivery Ops

Enterprise and Information Security Partner

Manoj Ghimire

15+ Years of Experience
Open Source, AI and Information Security
Microsoft Partner

Amit Joshi

15+ Years of Experience
Microsoft Tech, Cloud and Mobile
WordPress Partner

Utsav Singh Rathore

12+ Years of Experience

WordPress & Website

Project Manager

Sarala Shrestha

5+ Years of Experience
Project Management & Quality Assurance

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